Short n' Sweet: Ace of Spades

Posted by Metal_Kitty666 on 21 October, 2013 at 02:41AM

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Short n' Sweet: Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades, we all love Motorhead; I know I do. So, when I first watched the trailer to this game I was taken in by the fact that they were using Motorhead's famous Ace of Spades to accompany the gameplay. First of all, I loved that, that had me pretty much sold anyways and the gameplay looked pretty decent as well, it kind of seemed like a mix between Team Fortress 2, which is a game I love, and Minecraft, which is a game I have never played. It seemed like a good combination, but boy was I in for a treat... I went to knock on Jagex's door; I gave out a swift yet pleasent Trick or Treat and what did they drop into my batman pillow case? A big 'ol peanut butter cup, known as Ace of Spades. I was excited for it looked amazing, but when I got home and bit into it, to my dismay I found not peanut butter, but a center of foundationless, tedious, disappointing gameplay.

   Oh boy was I sore about this pile of slop in a candy coated wrapper; This game does not know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a creative environmental sand-boxy game? Or does it want to be a class and objective based shooter? The answer is, yes. It wants to be both, but it doesn't want to do both well, it is content with being sub-par on both fronts. One of the bigger gameplay flaws is in CTF, which is one of the main game types, takes so damn long for the rounds to end. There is a 90 minute time limit, which should have raised a few red flags. It was kind of cool though, my team and I built up a whole castle to defend our flag, I even dug a moat, it was pretty friggin' sweet. But, due to the nature of the game a teammate came along dug out the foundation of the castle and it all, quite literally, came crashing down. Oh, and the best part is the clock ran down and ended in a stalemate... That was 90 minutes worth of my time worth spent. In fact, if I recall correctly I was in one game where a teammate wasn't griefing their own team. Hell, I wanted to do that just because the game is so slow paced you have to stop yourself from being bored somehow.

   The music was decent, it fit well it had an 8 bit feel that every game is trying to strive for nowadays. But one of my biggest complaints is on the voxel aesthetics that it insists upon; I am getting sick and tired of voxels. ever since Minecraft so many games want to jump on the voxel band wagon. I like my games to have a style in them that no other game has; and that style comes from the artists; sometimes it can set the game out from all others. With voxels, that artistic stylization is thrown right out of the window and replaced with Legos, or MegaBlocks if you are poor.

   So, in conclusion, don't even play this toothbrush of a game, do not go trick or treating a at the Jagex's place; instead pass it over and walk on over to Gears For Breakfast and grab one of their confectionery delights, well when it's ready for next Halloween.