Play Wolfenstein 3D with WASD + mouse

Posted by Billy on 11 April, 2014 at 5:18PM

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Play Wolfenstein 3D with WASD + mouse

Update August 2016: The download link was broken, so that's been fixed. I have also added instructions down below.

One of the things that always irked me about Wolfenstein 3D is that its control scheme is a little too oldschool. The game features what I'd call 'strafe mode', instead of dedicated strafe keys, so you can't really play it like you would any other FPS. So online I found there's a top-notch port of Wolfenstein 3D to windows called Wolf4SDL. I grabbed the source code, made it so your left/right keys always make you strafe, and made it so the mouse doesn't move you forward/black, and boom, now I can actually play Wolf3D!

Download it here. Extract this zip into your Wolf3D folder. If you don't have Wolf3D, just go get the shareware version. Source code can be found hereThis will not work with Spear of Destiny.

How to play

  1. Extract zip somewhere, notice the two EXEs: Wolf4SDL-full.exe and Wolf4SDL-shareware.exe. Make sure all .dll files are included.
  2. Put all Wolf3D .WL6 or .WL1 files in the same folder
  3. Double click on EXE matching the files you put in (WL1 means shareware, WL6 means full version)
  4. In the options menu, set the forward/back/left/right to W/A/S/D
  5. Play!