Top 10: Sonic and Knuckles

Posted by Swifto on 25 November, 2012 at 8:02PM

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Top 10: Sonic and Knuckles

Wowee zowee! A Sonic game that isn't in the top five!? I know, right? Anyone who's anyone who knows anything about anyone that knows me knows that I love me some fast gameplay. I think the Sonic games have those, right?

BESIDES!! The hardest part of the Genesis list, compared to the SNES one, was narrowing it down. After careful consideration, well, I have to give props to this game. It's just dang fun.

Granted, I never really played it as Sonic. I've always been the kind of guy who appreciated a good anti-hero, even way back when, and Knuckles kinda fit the bill. Plus, I liked his glide move way more than Sonic's..... Spin thing? Idunno, the whole glide-n-climb thing seemed more useful than being able to go a little bit faster.

(It wasn't until way later that I discovered what Echidna's actually looked like, and I wonder how the hell the artists took that animal and turned it into Knuckles. Nothin' on Knuckles' design, but still.)

So this game isn't all that special to me, but it is very enjoyable. And b'sides, the game is creative even in how it was played. It was almost a secret bonus expansion pack just to play it. Google can tell you more about it, or Billy, but it has a certain kind of charm to it. Sega back in the day... They kinda captured that child-like feel of amazement, y'know? Sure, Nintendo had their peripherals, ie the Zapper and such, but Sega often did things in strange ways, such as plugging a cartridge into your cartridge so you can play your games, or plugging a small console into a console, which is hooked up to another console, with them all working in tandem...

It seems silly to us now, but as a kid, imagine how badass that woulda felt! Sure, your friend has his SNES, and that was cool and all, but YOU had a Genesis, with the Sega-CD, AND a 32X plugged into the top! That was, like, some kind of a battleship console, man! That was advanced as hell!!

But then, I could be talking out of my ass. I didn't have a Genesis anything when I was a kid. I just had a computer with a crapload of games my brother installed on it.

But that's neither here nor there. Tune in next week for more.