Scheduling Thoughts

Posted by Swifto on 10 April, 2012 at 9:21PM

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Scheduling Thoughts

So I'm near-constantly slogging away on more Retro of the Week posts. I'd like to get a good-size buffer of them going before I start making good on the 'Retro of the Week" part of this whole thing. When that happens, I'm not sure, but rest assured, I'm working towards it.

I'm also working on ever more Modern of the Month articles. As you'll be able to see in due time, there's considerably more thought and words put into a MotM than a standard RotW, to make up for many fewer of them there will be. Thankfully, I can be a lot more selective about what I choose for MotM than RotW, which means I can choose games I have a bit more passion about. (this will get very obvious as time goes on)

I'm also thinking of releasing a new MotM at the start of every month. Hopefully, this will help me make the connection that pay rent = update MotM, and vice versa, and help bring some sort of remembrance cycle going in my forgetful life. Plus, you'll know exactly when a new article will be along. I'm thinking that even if I'm not regularily uploading Retro articles, I'll continue to do so with Modern, since those are just so much more infrequent, getting any kind of head start with them won't matter a lick in the end.


So yeah. I figured an update of some sort was in order. Keepin' all five o' ya on the up and up.

Look for a Retro of the Week Google+ page, coming soon!