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Top 8 & 7: Starfox 2 and Super Castlevania IV
Posted by Swifto
Posted on 15 November, 2012 at 02:47AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0
Top 8 & 7: Starfox 2 and Super Castlevania IV

I missed a day, so, DOUBLE FEATURE

Should this count? It was never released and all that jazz.

You know what? Sure it does. It's playable now.

And I love it. Sure, the first Starfox was fun, but I just really like this one. Moreso, actually! While the first game is more polished, since it was an actually released commercial product, there's just... Something to this one that makes me like it more.

'Course, the first Starfox is a very well known game. There's branching paths to add replayability, and the game has a very nice length to it. But it's all still a bit... Linear. IN THE SEQUEL!!! You get to fly around, similar to the All-Range mode in Starfox 64. You can even transform into a little walker car and scoot around all willy-nilly.

Now, the game lacks polish. They coulda spent a bit more time making the controls a bit tighter and responsive, and improving the framerate a tad. Mechanically, the first Starfox plays better.

BUT! There's somethin' about this one. The strategic overworld map rather than a selectable path, needing to prioritize what to do against a constantly-ticking clock, it's all way more to my liking.

And Idunno; I feel like the moments are better made. Or something. It's really hard to nail down; the closest I can compare to is in the first game, when you dive into the cores of battleships in the Space Armada stage. Dodge the little walls, open the doors, make it to the core and BAM great times. Whereas in 2, the battleship is its own mini-stage of sorts, you fly towards it as it looms larger and larger, dodging lasers and enemies, zipping inside, and a small gauntlet awaits you.

I feel like there's more to it, but I can't really place it. It's something I'd have to sit down, devote a few weeks to, play them both back and forth, taking notes of my thoughts the entire time, and making a cohesive article about it later.

But I got other stuff to do. SUCH AS...!!


Number 7 on our list; Super Castlevania IV

There's nothing to this I can add that Egoraptor hasn't already said.

It's kinda funny, though; this game marks a small bit of pride for me.

See, my brother plays video games to. Growing up, I'd try playing with him, and of course he'd be leagues better than me. I dealt with it, and just moved on. I had long accepted being inferior since I was a small child.

But then I was playing Super Castlevania IV in my grandma's basement, and a couple of my older cousins were watching. They were chatting amongst themselves, of course, I was mostly background, but then I started getting to the more difficult later levels, and they started focusing on me a bit more. After a bit, they were kinda quiet, and they were watching me go through the really tricky stages.

"Wow, you're really good at this game." The older of the two cousins said.

Dunno why, but that moment stuck in my head to this day. It's the first compliment I recall ever getting regarding me playing video games.

So I don't know how much of my liking to Castlevania IV is due to it being a really damn good game and how much my liking of it pertains to it being, well, drowning in nostalgia filter.

Considering that the internet seems to really like this game too, well, I guess it's a case of both.

15 November, 2012 at 1:49PM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

I understand where Egoraptor's coming from when he talks about Castlevania IV. But four is my favorite Castlevania game. I'm even more partial to it than the Metroidvania style games.

Oh, and I still need to play Star Fox 2, I should probably get on that.

17 November, 2012 at 02:46AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

Have you played Starfox DS? I heard it's similar to Starfox 2.

17 November, 2012 at 12:24AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

I have not heard of this.

Illuminate me; I'm highly curious.

Lazlo Falconi
17 November, 2012 at 5:57PM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

Except that the controls are terrible and it sucks.

18 November, 2012 at 12:32AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

Starfox Command?

AUGH NO. I tried it. It's Terribafuckus.

22 November, 2012 at 08:13AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

Oh, shame.

23 November, 2012 at 4:10PM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

What, did YOU like it? If so, please illuminate on why you consider it good.

23 November, 2012 at 11:36PM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

Oh, I've never played it. Just heard it compared to Starfox 2 and was mildly interested in it since I don't mind the series. I enjoyed the original Starfox and Lylat Wars quite a bit although I don't think I'd have the stomach for the original these days. Starfox Assault I also had a lot of fun with but Adventure was... meh. I won't go into detail there unless anyone's interested since I'll have to delve into my opinions on Zelda and the like. AND THAT'LL TAKE FOREVER. I was always interested in picking up Starfox Command but never got around to it so yeah, shame that it sucked then.

24 November, 2012 at 08:06AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

You could always do a whole article on Starfox Adventure.

25 November, 2012 at 01:05AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

I could but then it'd be going off decade old memories. (Was it really that long ago? Friggin hell I feel old.)

25 November, 2012 at 09:38AM ↑ 0 ↓ 0

Hey, Super Metroid is an eight year old one. (granted, it's barely a couple paragraphs versus my usual Retro article length.)
Idunno, just put 'opinions' in the tags and I'd call it fine.

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