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Now look, guys, I'm real sorry about the long period of hiatus. Work got busy, crap happened with life, etc etc excuses excuses. To make it up to y'all, I'll divulge some facts about myself.

That oughta keep me busy.
JUST TO NOTE: These won't be lists that are final by any stretch. I may find a game on a console that I hadn't played before that sweeps across the board and takes a high position. Likewise, I may have forgotten a game I played years ago that I adored and I simply forgot about it. Should that occur, I'll devote a future article to it.

That said; I'll show the SNES the initial bit of love. I've done enough articles for games on the Genesis.
I haven't had the longest of history with the SNES, but I've had a good one. Before I had anything to play on that had a controller, my grandma decided to find a Nintendo machine at a pawn shop on the cheap to keep her (many) grandkids happy. She found an SNES for twenty bucks (For 2001, that's damn good. I didn't realize how great a deal that was until much later), plugged it into her old-ass TV in the basement, and let the grandkids go at it.

And go we did. The three Super Mario World saves never stayed consistent, as other kids would always wipe them to start their own, Super Castlevania IV was put on a higher up shelf so that younger kids couldn't play the 'scary game', Pilotwings entertained everyone equally regardless of age, Race Drivin'..... Sat at the bottom of the stack for years, and Brain Lord...

Well, I have to give Brain Lord an honourable mention on this list.

I'd lost my save plenty of times on this game too, but I didn't mind. The beginning part of the game I know almost flawlessly, and besides, there was this one damn puzzle, about mid-way through the first dungeon, that I never solved on my own.

It had me stumped for years. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of, and sure, I'm no great shakes at these types of things, but I tried my damndest. That is, 'til my Dad watched for a little bit. My Dad never liked video games; considered them a waste of time. The most I could get him to play was a scant few Driving games, and certainly not many realistic ones. (Midtown Madness 2 I think is the most he ever played) Still; he was there to help me with this puzzle. He isn't great shakes at it either, but I showed him how the blocks and balls moved around, and the switches that had to be pressed down. We tried things for about half an hour, trying all kinds of combinations, and at last! We got it!

It was kind of a special moment, so to say. It was the most into-it he'd ever gotten over a game, and the closest thing we had to a co-op kind of experience with games. (He was never really into board games either, so...)

Ah well. Tomorrow, we'll start the list proper.


10: Sunset Riders/Battletoads and Double Dragon

9: Assault Suits Valken/Cybernator

8 & 7: Starfox 2 and Super Castlevania IV

6: Contra III: The Alien Wars

5, 4 and 3: Actraiser, Gun Hazard and Kirby Superstar

2: Final Fantasy VI

1: Super Metroid